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fsc_logo_verantwortungsvolle-waldwirtschaftBsci-logo-Participant-of-BSCI Weber clothes hangers offers its customers a wide range of wooden clothes hangers made from different woods such as beech, oak, lotus or cedar. All the woods we use come from sustainable cultivation, from which no more wood is taken than will grow back. In addition we can make our clothes hangers from FSC certified wood, if you wish.
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Wood. A natural product.

Various factors play a significant role in the manufacture of our wooden clothes hangers. It can happen, for example, that there is a discernible difference in colour from one delivery to the next. This is because there are various factors that affect the colouring of the wood, including where the tree stood, the weather conditions to which it was subjected or how old it was at the time it was felled. The length of time the unprocessed wood was held in store is another important factor that needs to be taken into account. Wood held in store for only a short time is still very pale; it becomes darker, the longer it is stored. As a rule we only use wood that has been held in store for a medium length of time. However, at the customer’s request we can give consideration to this factor.

All the woods we use come from sustainable sources, where no more wood is taken than will grow back. To guarantee an even higher level of sustainability we also offer our customers the option of making our clothes hangers from FSC certified wood.

FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council®

fsc_logo_verantwortungsvolle-waldwirtschaftThe FSC® has defined fundamental principles for responsible forestry for application consistently worldwide. It is the original and only global programme to claim, as it does still today, that it can guarantee sustainability in forestry. Accordingly, the certified wood comes exclusively from approved and managed forestry companies. On this basis we can ensure that the wood we use for our clothes hangers meets all the FSC’s fundamental principles.

The principles of the FSC:

  1. Compliance with forestry laws and FSC principles
  2. Long-term tenure and use rights of land and forestry resources shall be clearly defined, documented and legally established.
  3. The rights of indigenous peoples to be upheld
  4. The forestry business shall maintain or enhance the social and economic well-being of forestry workers and local communities over the long term.
  5. Economic efficiency and product diversity
  6. Conservation of biodiversity, forestry and landscape protection
  7. Development and implementation of a management plan
  8. Monitoring on the basis of reasonable documentation and assessment of sustainability.
  9. Maintenance of high conservation value forests.
  10. Plantations can complement more near-natural methods of resource management and so provide social and economic benefits and reduce the pressure on so-called ‘natural forests’.


BSCI – Business Social Compliance Initiative

Bsci-logo-Participant-of-BSCIThe business driven platform BSCI, the Business Social Compliance Initiative, serves to improve social standards worldwide. The BSCI aims to improve the working conditions of people by promoting a system of monitoring and qualification. Through the implementation of this code of behaviour and the standards of the BSCI we guarantee that our traded products also come from countries and companies that adhere to these conditions.


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