Keep your fashion garments in top shape: Weber wide-shoulder clothes hangers

Many shapes, many colours, many extra features

There are various basic configurations in this range, differentiated by the shape of the head and the width of the shoulder flares. All types have a shaped head and can be personalised to your specifications with a range of extra features. As with all wooden hangers we also varnish or paint our wide-shoulder hangers in various shades of varnish, all RAL colours and in your company colours if you choose. Wood is a natural material and so minor colour variations cannot be excluded.
High-class fashion garments need to be treated with care and respect. Protect them from misshaping, unwanted creases or lumps with Weber wide-shoulder clothes hangers.

Wide shoulders for fine textiles

Weber wide-shoulder hangers have wide shoulder flares right to their tips and so provide particularly jackets, sports coats, dresses and suits with the strong and stable support they need. This is particularly beneficial when fashion garments are hung on clothes hangers for an extended period of time.

Item No.
LengthsStrength Flocking Non-slip lacquer Ribbed inlay Clip bar Soft Touch lacquere
38, 41, 44 cm30 mm    x 
38, 41, 44 cm30 mm     
44 cm30-50 mm x x x x x
44 cm30-50 mm    x 
44 cm30-50 mm  x x  
44 cm30-50 mm     
38, 41, 44 cm50 mm    x 
41, 44 cm60 mm    x 
38, 41, 44 cm50 mm     
41, 44 cm60 mm     
45, 50 cm60 mm    x 
45, 50 cm60 mm     
  • Flocking

    Coating the shoulder ateas of the hanger with a velvet-like flock looks attractive and effectively prevents garments sliding off.
    Note: It is also possible to coat the total surface area of the hanger, please ask us.

  • Non-slip lacquer

    A non-slip lacquere is the least optically obtrusive of the non-slip options. It involves coating the shoulder areas of the hangers with a special transparent lacquer.

  • Ribbed inlay

    Rubber grip for the shoulder areas prevents garments from sliding off.

  • Clip bar

    A clip bar with 2 anti-slip, adjustable clips.

  • Soft Touch lacquere

    This velvety plastic coating can be applied to almost all wooden hangers.


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