Plain neat and tidy! Plain clothes hangers from Weber clothes hangers.

These inexpensive clothes hangers are made from beech wood. They may be plain, but before all else they are extremely functional. They are very good to print on, can be supplied with a range of extra features and have many potential uses.


We love wood. And colour. What would life be like without them? So we paint some of these types and many of our other clothes hanger types in our standard colours – or personalise them with the colour of your choice. Our team is happy to advise you which plain hanger is the right one for you, based on the respective minimum order quantity.

  • Flocking

    Coating the shoulder ateas of the hanger with a velvet-like flock looks attractive and effectively prevents garments sliding off.
    Note: It is also possible to coat the total surface area of the hanger, please ask us.

  • Non-slip lacquer

    A non-slip lacquere is the least optically obtrusive of the non-slip options. It involves coating the shoulder areas of the hangers with a special transparent lacquer.

  • Ribbed inlay

    Rubber grip for the shoulder areas prevents garments from sliding off.

  • Clip bar

    A clip bar with 2 anti-slip, adjustable clips.


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