Let the ‘natural beauty’ shine through

506-EDStaining is used to emphasise the natural beauty of the clothes hanger. The colour penetrates the wood and colours it differently depending on the type of wood and the intensity of the grain. Areas such as the rings at branch junctions are made to appear darker than the surface of the wood. As a rule we use beech wood for staining or dyeing since it has the best properties for these purposes and ensures a relatively uniform colouring of the wood. A matt or gloss protective lacquer is then applied to the clothes hanger. Wood is a natural product and the colours vary from delivery to delivery. As a result we see variations in colour not as a disadvantage, but rather as part of its ‘natural beauty’.

In addition to our stains in standard colours we are pleased to also offer special wood stain colours.


Bring colour to your clothes hangers

Painting is different from staining in so much as the wood is colour coated in its entirety with a matt or gloss effect. This ensures a uniform colouring. An additional protective lacquer is not necessary since this property is already contained in the paint and applied directly. In addition to the standard colours of black and white, you can use any RAL colour to make your clothes hanger design your own.

Soft Touch Clothes Hangers

Top level presentation – no better way to display your clothes hangers and clothing together. This special lacquer has velvet-like, rubbery characteristics. Visually striking, it feels great to touch and is also effective at preventing garments slipping off. This lacquer can be used to enhance almost all of our wooden clothes hangers.


Handy extra features keep things tidy

Our comprehensive range includes many types that can be supplied with useful additional features such as grooves for skirt loops, anti-slip bars, clip-bars, inlaid grips or, for example, a flocked coating. Make the most of these possibilities! Just scroll down a little and have a look at the many different extra features we have available for our clothes hangers. You may be able to find an answer to your problem. If not – let us find a solution together.

  • Flocking

    Coating the shoulder ateas of the hanger with a velvet-like flock looks attractive and effectively prevents garments sliding off.
    Note: It is also possible to coat the total surface area of the hanger, please ask us.

  • Skirt notes

    Grooves in the wood to help you hang skirts and tops.

  • Anti-slip bar

    Prevents trousers from sliding off. Bar with plastic sleeve. Available in 4 colours.

  • Angular bar with inlaid grid

    Prevents trousers from sliding off. Recessed, angular bar with inlaid grid.

  • Anti-slip bar transparent

  • Non-slip lacquer

    A non-slip lacquere is the least optically obtrusive of the non-slip options. It involves coating the shoulder areas of the hangers with a special transparent lacquer.

  • Ribbed inlay

    Rubber grip for the shoulder areas prevents garments from sliding off.

  • Clip bar

    A clip bar with 2 anti-slip, adjustable clips.

  • Soft Touch lacquere

    This velvety plastic coating can be applied to almost all wooden hangers.

  • bar

    The wooden bar ensures that for example coats or jackets keep togehter with the matching trouser.


  • Sikons

    Self-adhesive silicon stripes for the shoulder areas effectively prevent garments from sliding off. Sikons can also be retrofitted and are available seperately.

  • Slip Nots

    Rubber stripes for the shoulder areas on clothes hangers without a bar prevent garments from sliding off. Slip Nots are available in two sizes and can also be retrofitted.

  • Hooks for skirts

    Hooks for skirts as a stylish substitute for notches.


Theft protection

This feature makes your clothes hangers unusable with standard clothes rails. It is a very popular option for hotels and restaurants.

  • Anti-theft pin

    Anti-theft pin

    Thanks to its flat head, the DB-pin can be easily attached to the anti-theft ring.

  • Anti-theft pin H 25

    Anti-theft pin H 25

    This special hook cannot be used for standard clothes rails and can only be hung in extra narrow rails.


  • Anti-theft ring

    Closed metal rings for removable or not jet installed clothes rails.
    Nickel or brass plated
    Diameter: 38 mm

  • Anti-theft ring DBKU

    Open plastic ring for the additonal assembly.
    Color: black
    Diameter: 35 mm

The choice is yours: hooks for your clothes hangers

Whether beech or oak, lightly stained or painted in a dark colour, the hook is really the icing on the cake of each and every clothes hanger. When your clothes hangers are on show to guests in the cloakroom, not hiding in a cupboard, the hook is an essential part of the presentation. Here are our hooks in terms of size, shape and colour:

Clips & bars

Clips and bars are two of the extra features provided for many of our clothes hangers. However, they cannot be used with all the clothes hangers in our range. Our clips are available in three different versions and in the colours, nickel, matt nickel, brass, bronze, black gloss and gunmetal grey. The matching bars are available in various standard lengths or adapted in length to the respective hanger.

Bring your logo into play

You can print on many of our clothes hangers, giving you the chance make your clothes hanger design your own. You can add your company logo or name, for example, or other graphic elements. We use the respective printing process appropriate to the particular shape and material such as single or multi-colour pad printing, hot stamping, wood burning, laser engraving or blind embossing.

  • Blind print

    This is different from wood burning in so far as the design is not burnt but embossed (without heat)

  • Hot embossing print

    The design is burnt into the clothes hanger.
    Note: brass stamps can only be used on shaped, flat and plain hangers.

  • Foil embossing print

    In this process heat is used to stamp the logo and simultaneously highlight it in colour. Foil colours available on request.
    Note: brass stamps can only be used on shaped, flat and plain hangers.

  • Laser print

    Laser printing is the cleanest way of printing fine detail on your clothes hangers. It can be used to incorporate very delicate, fine lines.

  • Shank print

    Pad printing one- or multi-colored
    Colors: RAL and Pantone
    For prinings up to 8 cm wideness.

  • Screen print

    Print process to print onto the total surface area of the hanger
    However, this printing technology can only be used for plain hangers.

  • Pad print (1-color)

    Standard printing process
    Colors: RAL and Pantone

  • Pad print (multicolor)

    Pad printing with up to 4 colors.
    Colors: RAL and Pantone
    Attention: Extra plate costs for every single color.


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