For every practice the right hanger

Are you looking for clothes hangers? For your fashion store, for your restaurant, your hotel or for your business? Or are you a shopfitter, wholesaler or reseller and you want them for your customers? We would love to hear from you by phone or receive your message. Perhaps though, you would first like to find out more about Weber Kleiderbügel and our products. If so, we hope you enjoy surfing our website, because on the pages that follow you will find a lot of information about us, our clothes hangers and products, descriptions of the different clothes hanger types made from wood, plastic and metal – for the restaurant sector, the fashion industry or for private use.

We have the right clothes hanger for everyone. If amongst our wide range of different options you cannot find ‘the’ hanger of your dreams, then just ask. We will be happy to check existing manufacturing possibilities or make the clothes hanger to your specifications.

Retail stores and warehouses

Whether you need value hangers for off-the-peg products or clothes hangers to present your current collection, the Weber Kleiderbügel range will definitely have the right clothes hanger types for you. These include, for example, the >shaped hanger or >flat hanger made from beech wood, varnished or painted in different colours with a wide range of extra features, clothes hangers made from lotus wood or our many metal and plastic hangers.

Present the fashion attractive

High-class fashion needs to be presented in the right light. No place here either for second-class clothes hangers in terms of material and design. The hanger should add emphasis to your collection and protect it lovingly. Keep your high fashion garments in top shape with the Weber wide shoulder hanger or the styled hangers both made of beech wood. Or differentiate your product from those of your competitors with the ‘Soft Touch’ collection made of wood or plastic. Or choose our ‘Old Style by Weber’ clothes hanger range Old Style made from real oak. Its rustic appearance is the perfect complement to jeans and to outdoor / traditional costume fashion.

If you wish, we can make exclusive clothes hangers especially and individually for you. We can paint them in the colour you choose and print your logo or design on them.

Resellers and supermarkets

If you are a reseller or retailer and you are looking for the right clothes hangers to generate some good sales, then look no further.
We can combine our hangers in sets for your sales activities and / or provide them with EAN code. For the products in our range which are delivered in sets we have our own-branded sleeves and, of course, we also offer quite individual sleeves according to your specification and design.

Our resellers and retailers include, for example, shopfitters or business suppliers, furniture stores, department stores, supermarket chains, discount shops or online shops.

Well, we are glad to get a message from you!

Hotel and catering industry

For the cloakroom or wardrobe, a hotel or high-class restaurant just has to have clothes hangers. We are sure you will find clothes hangers to suit you on our website. Look at the pages Weber cloakroom hangers or hotel clothes hangers and hotel fixtures for suitable clothes hangers.

We are also happy to print your chosen clothes hanger with your logo, if you wish, or furnish it with your own personalised design. For more about this.

Cloth hangers for private sales

We are a clothes hanger manufacturer and so we only supply in large quantities to bulk purchasers such as department or fashion stores, resellers such as shopfitters or business suppliers, hotels or restaurant companies. If you are a private customer and you find one particular clothes hanger or several different ones that you like on our website and you want to know where you can get them from, we would be pleased to give you the name of a retailer near to you or an Online-Shop from which you can obtain them.


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If you like to make an appointment please contact us by phone or use the contact-form.

We look forward to your visit, yours families Weber