Laminated wooden hangers.
Adding a touch of panache to everyday life.

Laminated wooden hangers are very popular due to their attractive design; they are also very light and space-saving. What is more, laminated wood is very strong and, with the grain of the individual layers running in the same direction, they have a level of bending and compression strength otherwise only matched by solid wood. These properties are further enhanced using a synthetic-resin glue for bonding. The individual components of the laminated wood hanger are manufactured on a high-pressure press to achieve an even greater strength than that of solid wood.

schichtholz_kopfformenAll versions are available with steeply curved shoulders.

Item No.
CL 147
CL 147-42/18*
CL 147 H
CL 147 RI
CL 147 C
CL 157 HRT
CLS 147*
CLS 147 H *
CLS 147 RI *
CLS 147 C *
CLS 157 HRT *
CL 239-46/28 RT *
CL 229-42/18 *
CL 229-42/18 C *
CL 1609 *
CL 1909 *
CL 1709 *
LengthsStrength Ribbed inlay Clip bar
26, 34, 38, 42, 46 cm11 mm
42, 46 cm18 mm
42, 46 cm11 mm
42, 46 cm11 mmx
42, 46 cm11 mmx
42 cm11 mm
26, 34, 38, 42, 46 cm11 mm
42, 46 cm11 mm
42, 46 cm11 mmx
42, 46 cm11 mmx
42 cm11 mm
46 cm25 mm
42, 46 cm18, 25 mm
42 cm18 mmx
32, 36 cm11 mm
37, 41 cm11 mmx
37, 41 cm11 mm
  • Bodysteg 1

  • Bodysteg 2

  • Bodysteg 3

  • Bodysteg 4

  • Blind print

    This is different from wood burning in so far as the design is not burnt but embossed (without heat)

  • Flocking

    Coating the shoulder ateas of the hanger with a velvet-like flock looks attractive and effectively prevents garments sliding off.
    Note: It is also possible to coat the total surface area of the hanger, please ask us.

  • Hot embossing print

    The design is burnt into the clothes hanger.
    Note: brass stamps can only be used on shaped, flat and plain hangers.

  • Foil embossing print

    In this process heat is used to stamp the logo and simultaneously highlight it in colour. Foil colours available on request.
    Note: brass stamps can only be used on shaped, flat and plain hangers.

  • Laser print

    Laser printing is the cleanest way of printing fine detail on your clothes hangers. It can be used to incorporate very delicate, fine lines.

  • Shank print

    Pad printing one- or multi-colored
    Colors: RAL and Pantone
    For prinings up to 8 cm wideness.

  • Screen print

    Print process to print onto the total surface area of the hanger
    However, this printing technology can only be used for plain hangers.

  • Skirt notes

    Grooves in the wood to help you hang skirts and tops.

  • Pad print (1-color)

    Standard printing process
    Colors: RAL and Pantone

  • Pad print (multicolor)

    Pad printing with up to 4 colors.
    Colors: RAL and Pantone
    Attention: Extra plate costs for every single color.

  • Anti-slip bar

    Prevents trousers from sliding off. Bar with plastic sleeve. Available in 4 colours.

  • Angular bar with inlaid grid

    Prevents trousers from sliding off. Recessed, angular bar with inlaid grid.

  • Anti-slip bar transparent

  • Non-slip lacquer

    A non-slip lacquere is the least optically obtrusive of the non-slip options. It involves coating the shoulder areas of the hangers with a special transparent lacquer.

  • Ribbed inlay

    Rubber grip for the shoulder areas prevents garments from sliding off.

  • Clip bar

    A clip bar with 2 anti-slip, adjustable clips.

  • Clip bar 10 cm height

  • Clip bar 20 cm height

  • Soft Touch lacquere

    This velvety plastic coating can be applied to almost all wooden hangers.

  • STAR

  • bar

    The wooden bar ensures that for example coats or jackets keep togehter with the matching trouser.

  • metal bar (open)

    Metal bar made of nickel plated wire with transparent plastic sleeve
    One side obened for a comfortable hang up of trousers

  • Metal bar (closed)

    Metal round bar made of nickel plated wire with transparent plastic sleeve

  • Print


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